Approach to Learning

STRESS FREE LEARNING really is possible!

Learning needs to be fun, interesting and at the correct level. This might mean working above or below the expectations laid out within the national curriculum for their chronological age.

Learning doesn’t need to be dull even if your child does not particularly like a subject.  If they do not like it there will be a reason.  If there is a reason we can overcome it.

Homework is given if required.

For Children who are Working Below the Expected Level

If a child is struggling in an area we will go back as far as is necessary to find the reason why and then fix it.

If a child has a condition that is hindering their progress then together we will look at strategies to overcome the difficulty.

If a child is not making the expected progress then we will find the barriers to learning and break them down. It might be that we need to keep revisiting an area of learning or it might be that I need to teach using a different method.

SATs Preparation 

If you simply require a quick recap of the curriculum for your child before SATs then I will take your child through all the subject areas and plug any gaps in their knowledge.


Children and young people with SEN may need extra help because of a range of needs for example dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism or behaviour issues. If you are considering private tuition, please use the contact form below to discuss your child’s specific issue.

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