The national curriculum for key stage 1 and 2 can be found here

The early years curriculum is followed in reception.  It can be found here

The School Run is a website offering curriculum information in an easy to read format.  For example, click here and explore the information under School Year.

BBC Bite Size has some good resources.  Click here to go to the site.

A simple game from Maths is Fun for learning times tables.  It is recommended because the focus is on number facts.  Many numeracy games focus on the goal of the game with number facts taking second place. This one is quite addictive as the player has to beat the clock and also focus on number facts only which is the main reason for the recommendation.  Play it here.

Grammar Monster is a comprehensive website offering explanations and tests on grammar, punctuation and spelling. It is great for SATs revision for children who are confident with literacy. To view Grammar Monster click here

Numeracy Monster is the sister site of Grammar Monster. It is a fantastic resource for SATs revision.

To go to Numeracy Monster click here

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